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Product designer & Webflow Developer

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What i do

As a designer and developer, I use all the tools available to build web experiences and impactful identities for my clients. Webflow helps me to gather all the necessary tools and build amazing websites. My goal is to always progress and deliver quality expertise.

My services



I work on the design of your future website to make it impactful and functional. By optimizing the design for all types of devices, it becomes accessible to everyone. To make your website unique, I offer the following services :

UI/UX mockups
3D modeling

Webflow Development

With a wealth of experience from numerous successful projects, I have become proficient in integrating and developing your website quickly. Take advantage of cutting-edge animations using GSAP and the capabilities of Webflow. To make your website clean and maintainable, I offer the following services :

Integration using Figma/Webflow
Webflow development

SEO Optimization

To ensure maximum exposure, I optimize your website for search engines.

SEO audit
SEO optimization

Vera Granger
Eurobio Scientific
Vera Granger
Eurobio Scientific

A quality expertise for your website

client first logo

Client-first methodology

Enables an efficient and organized integration of your site. It will be easily readable by all developers who use this system and its evolution will be simplified.

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Automations & integrations

Take advantage of all possible integrations to allow your site to be automated and connected to a database if necessary.

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SEO optimization & ROI focus

I integrate all the best SEO practices to optimize your site for search engines. You can also visualize user data using Google Analytics and audience measurement tools.

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Certified Webflow expert

I am currently in the process of obtaining Webflow certification to become a professional partner and thus ensure my status as a Webflow expert. Unlock in progress...

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